Communal Recycling Points for Flats

In properties which may not have space for individual recycling bins, recycling bags can provided to allow householders to store and recycle their food and drink cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars and paper-based products at communal recycling points. If your property does not have any recycling bags and you would like to receive some, please contact us to arrange delivery.

Each block of flats should have their own set of recycling bins for the residents to use. The communal recycling points are open 24 hours a day, but please be courteous to
other residents and try not to use the recycling points during unsociable hours.

Further information on what can be recycled at communal points can be found in the Recycling Guide (PDF). If your flats do not currently have communal bins but you feel they would benefit from having these, please contact us. We will be able to investigate the request and discuss the matter with you.

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