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All Paper & Card Products

Yes please

     Newspapers & magazinesA blue bin for all paper and card products
     Phone books & yellow pages
     Cardboard boxes and packaging
     Beverage cartons
     Envelopes (inc.window envelopes)
     Letters and unwanted mail
     Scrap & shredded paper

No thanks

X     Plastic bags
X     Plastic bottles
X     Polystyrene
X     Crisp packets
X     Padded envelopes
X     Tissues
X     Metallic wrapping paper
X     Food contaminated paper/card
X     Used wallpaper
X     Painted paper/card


All Glass Containers/Sacks

Yes please

     Glass Bottles and jars (please rinse)an orange box for all glass containers

No thanks

X     Plastic bags
X     Pyrex
X     Mirror or window glass


Cans & Plastic Bottles

Yes please

     Drinks cansA purple bin for cans and plastic bottles
     Plastic drink bottles & containers (types PET 1, HDPE 2 & PP5)
The plastic type code can be found embossed on or near the base of the plastic bottle.
     Food tins
     Foil food trays
     Clean tin foil
     Metal bottle tops
     Metal jar lids
     Plastic bottles
     Plastic containers
     Tablet & Medicine bottles
     Yogurt & Margarine tubs (please rinse)

No thanks

X     Plastic bags
X     Plastic toys
X     Oil & paint tins


All Organic Garden and Kitchen Waste*

Yes please

     Grass Cuttingsa brown bin for all organic garden and kitchen waste
     Leaves & small branches
     Plants & weeds
     Hedge trimmings
     ALL food waste

No thanks

X     Dog Fouling
X     Plastics
X     Root balls
X     Rubble or Stones
X     Soil, turf or sods
X     Blocks of wood

*From 01 April 2019, a charge has been in place for the collection of garden waste. Food waste is collected free of charge. Apply for a garden waste permit.


All Other Waste that Cannot be Recycled

Use your green bin for all other waste.Green bin

Please make sure all waste is contained within the bin, with the lid closed.

Please do not leave excess or side waste beside your bin as it will not be uplifted and
could be burst open by birds and animals.

Ash from coal fires canot be recycled and should be placed in your green bin **.

**Always let the ash cool down before placing in any bin. Wrap in newspaper to cut out dust dispersal when servicing your bin.

Residual waste bins are serviced three-weekly and only ONE bin will be serviced per household per collection.


Recycling Centres

Larger amounts of recyclable materials collected at kerbside as well as many other recyclable materials can also be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre

Yes please

     Batteries, Car batteries
     CD’s & DVD’s 
     Engine oil
     Scrap metal
     White goods
     (WEEE) Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

  • Gollachy Recycling Centre, Buckie
  • Chanonry Recycling Centre, Elgin
  • Waterford Recycling Centre, Forres
  • Balloch Road Recycling Centre, Keith
  • Spey Bay Recycling Centre, Dallachy

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