Clinical Waste

If you have clinical waste to dispose of, including surgical waste, used syringes, drugs and pharmaceuticals, you need to take extra care in how you do this.

Surgical waste such as bandages, incontinence pads etc should be bagged and placed in your residual green bin for collection. If you have ongoing medical issues that result in you having excess waste, an additional bin specifically for your medical waste can be provided following assessment. This can be arranged by contacting

Syringes need to be disposed of in a sharps box (a specially designed rigid box with a lid). These are available on prescription and should be arranged through your GP or pharmacist.

All unused and out-of-date drugs and pharmaceuticals can be returned to your local pharmacy where they will be correctly disposed of.

If you find any needles or syringes, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for their uplift and safe disposal.

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