What is a Care Assessment

What is a Care Assessment?

A care assessment is an opportunity for us to look at a person's needs and work with them to find the best methods to provide care and support.

There is no charge for a care assessment.

How do I Request a Care Assessment?

You or someone on your behalf can contact our Access Care Team to arrange an assessment.

You can also be referred to the team by a health or social care professional such as your GP.

What Happens Next?

A Community Care Officer or Social Worker will arrange to come and visit you and you may wish to have a family member or carer with you.

They can visit you at home, in a care home or in hospital to discuss the help you or you and your carer will need when you leave.

They will talk with you about what affects your health and wellbeing and what service or equipment would best support you to regain or maintain your independence.

You are the expert of your own situation and the assessment is a way for us to help  you to work out the risks to your independence and wellbeing. We will ask you about how you look after yourself, what is important to you, what you want to change and how you will be supported to achieve those outcomes.

Unpaid carers can request their own needs assessment. This is an opportunity for carers to discuss their situation and the support which would help them to continue in their caring role.

Your Care Plan

Following your assessment a care plan will be agreed with you. It will set out the support that you need including:

  • What help you will get and who will provide it
  • When and how often you will get help
  • When help will start and when reviews will take place to make sure we are still meeting your needs
  • Paying for Care
  • What to do if you are unhappy with the service.

It may be that you only require short-term support such as the Reablement service or long-term support.

The Eligibility Criteria

We try to be flexible when deciding if you are eligible for social care services, however, resources are limited and we cannot help everyone who approaches us. In order to ensure the decisions we make are fair, we use an Eligibility Criteria to decide if you have priority needs.

Your needs may be consider as being critical or substantial, moderate or low, based on the risk to your independence and risks of harm or danger if your needs are not addressed.

Do I Pay For Services?

For some services there is no charge, for some there is a flat rate charge which everyone is required to pay and for others there is an assessed charge where the amount you will be expected to pay will depend on your financial circumstances.

If you are to receive an adult Community Care service in your own home or in the community for which there is a means assessed charge, you will be offered a financial assessment.

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