Budget Consultation - Social Work

Budget Consultation for Social Work
Service DescriptionGross Expenditure £000sGross Income £000sNet £000s
Casework Services - Support for children & families; child protection team; out of hours social work service3,23603,236
Support Services - Includes respite care, family support, support for young carers, advocacy service, support for families having marital difficulties3,956(10)3,946
Out of Area Placements / ARP - Out of area placements or additional resource packages for children requiring specialised service.1,46401,464
Fostering and Adoption3,35803,358
Throughcare / Aftercare - Support for looked-after children about to leave care or who have just left care.3310331
Performance and Strategy - Child Protection Case Conferences; monitoring performance and developing improvements to services.715(7)708
Social Work Training6050605
Criminal Justice Services & Youth Justice - Services for the courts and adults involved in offending behaviour; support and supervision for young people involved in or at risk of being involved in offending behaviour1,134(942)192

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