Veterans' Garden City Association

The Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association was founded in 1915 with the aim of providing low cost accommodation for disabled ex-servicemen and Merchant Navy personnel.

Whilst the Association have no problem finding new tenants, very few of them have been discharged on medical grounds but are eligible by virtue of subsequent injury or chronic ill-health. They like to attract the sort of person that their Association was founded to assist, namely, ex-service personnel recently discharged on medical grounds and are ideally, but not necessarily, in receipt of a disability pension. Such personnel are afforded priority over other applicants and to date, over 80% have been housed within a very short time of their application form being received.

The Association have 594 houses situated in 43 districts throughout Scotland. Each district is administered by a local voluntary Committee, which is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the houses in their district. this includes the setting of rents, routine repairs and the provision of improved facilities. Some districts see low rents as a priority, whilst others set higher rents and utilise the income to upgrade the properties. All rental income is kept within the district and spent solely on the properties in that district. At present, rents range from £50 to £140 per month. They are subject to annual review.

The Chief Executive of The Moray Council acts as Honorary Secretary to the Moray War Veterans' Homes Committee. Further information is available by contacting Mandy Tough on 01343 563520.

Housing Advice for People Leaving the Armed Forces

Please read the Scottish Housing Guide which gives information about different housing options for people leaving the Armed Forces and Ex-service Personnel or see our Housing Options and Homelessness web page for more specific advice for personnel wishing to pursue housing within Moray.

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