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Housing Options

Moray is a very popular place to live and unfortunately affordable housing is in very high demand with a limited number becoming available each year.  In 2020/21 only 367 council houses became vacant.  At the end of that year we had 3,059 applicants on the housing list.  Demand for housing far outweighs supply which means we are not in a position to offer a property to everyone who applies.

Our Housing Options Guide has more detailed information on housing including: council housing, housing associations; mid-market rent/ intermediate tenures; private rented housing, home ownership, options for people with disabilities, homelessness, housing support and mortgage/rent arrears.


What do I do if I am at risk of losing my home?

Facing homelessness can be stressful and isolating.  Do not wait until you are actually homeless before getting advice as in many cases you homelessness may be preventable.  If you think you are at risk of becoming homeless you should contact us as soon as possible.  Even if we cannot prevent it, we may be able to help you find somewhere else to live before you are made homeless.

Our homelessness page has more details on how we can help.

Housing Support

What are housing support services?

Our services include housing support, sheltered and hostel accommodation.  Housing support services help people aged 16 and over to live as independently as possible in the community, regardless of the type of accommodation they live in.  Helping people who are at risk of homelessness and vulnerable people keep their accommodation and maintain independence.  This service can be provided in a person's home, temporary accommodation or other forms of supported accommodation.

Our housing support page has more details.

If  you are leaving the Armed Forces, and need advice about housing, we have an Armed Forces Referral Protocol, and the Scottish Government has produced: A Scottish housing guide for people leaving the armed forces and ex-service personnel.

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