Housing Options Guide-6a

The current shortage of affordable housing cannot, meet the demand for those experiencing homelessness.  Temporary accommodation is used initially until permanent accommodation can be found.

We use different types of temporary accommodation, with or without support.  Our accommodation includes hostels, furnished dwellings, self contained housing, specialist accommodation, interim accommodation and refuge accommodation.  If needed we will arrange temporary accommodation until a decision is reached on your homeless application.  If you meet the criteria, you can stay in the temporary accommodation until permanent housing is available.  

If you do not meet the criteria, you will be asked to leave but will be given a reasonable opportunity to find other accommodation.

Who is entitled to temporary accommodation?

We will tell you if you are entitled to temporary accommodation.  You should be entitled to temporary accommodation if:

  •    you have made a homeless application us, and
  •    we think that you are homeless and eligible for assistance, and
  •    you have nowhere to stay.

When am I entitled to temporary accommodation?

You are entitled to temporary accommodation:

  • once you have made a homeless application, while we assess into your situation (this is also called emergency or interim accommodation);
  • to give you time to find somewhere else to live, if we decide that we do not have to find you permanent accommodation;
  • while we reviews a decision on your application and you are waiting for the outcome of the review; or
  • while you wait for a permanent home to become available, if we decides that you are entitled to an offer of a permanent home.

Where is the temporary accommodation?

We have a range of temporary accommodation, of different size and types, throughout Moray.  We are continually reconfiguring our stock of temporary accommodation to more make sure that it the size that households need and where possible in the areas that people want to live in.  Therefore location of our stock tends to be in Elgin, Forres, Keith and Buckie.

We will try to place you in temporary accommodation which is accessible to your work, school and family. Given the pressures on the availability of appropriate accommodation, this may not always be possible.

  • The size and type of accommodation we will offer you will depend on your circumstances and what we have available.  We have:
    Individual flats and houses (dispersed housing)
  • Hostel accommodation; and
  • Specialist supported accommodation.


You will have to pay rent, council tax, utility bills and where appropriate, service charges for temporary accommodation.  If you are unemployed or you are on a low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit.  If Housing Benefit does not cover all the rent and other costs, you will be expected to pay some of the charges.  This may also include a storage charge for furniture and belongings.  

How much does temporary accommodation cost to rent?

We will always tell you how much your accommodation will cost before you move in to your temporary accommodation.

When setting the rent level for temporary accommodation, we will charge every household the same level of rent, regardless of income.  However, we will only seek to recover those costs that we can reasonably be expected to collect.  This takes into account your ability to pay.  You can find more information, including examples of how we work out how much you will be expected to pay, in our Temporary Accommodation Charging Policy leaflet.

The amount of rent is based on the size of the property, unless you are single and are under 35 years old.  In line with Local Housing Allowance rules, single people under the age of 35 are charged a shared accommodation rate.  This means that you will only be entitled to enough Local Housing Allowance to cover the average cost of a single room in a shared house.  There are some exemptions to this – if you want more information, please ask us.  

Pets and other animals

We must consider the needs of the family unit but we have no legal duties towards pets and/or other animals.

It may not be possible to keep pets and/or other animals in temporary accommodation.  This is because certain types of  accommodation, such as hostels, may be used to support people with particular needs and/or have shared facilities.

Like other authorities we regularly review our temporary accommodation stock to include a range of temporary accommodation types.  We try to offer accommodation that is suitable for pets and/or other animals, providing that the number and type of pets are proportionate and reasonable.  

If you are homeless and unable to take your pets into certain types of our temporary accommodation, you should ask your homeless officer about what other assistance we may be able to offer to home your pets for the temporary period that you will be with us.  Alternatively, you may decide to get friends or family to look after them for you.  You can find more information on the Shelter website.

Permanent accommodation

If we have a duty to find you permanent accommodation, we may offer you one of our properties, or we may refer you to a housing association for one of their properties.

It may not always be possible to house you in the area of your choice.  We will make two reasonable offers of permanent accommodation.  If you refuse both offers we might ask you to leave the temporary accommodation as we will have fulfilled our duty to you.  You will then be expected to find your own accommodation.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you should contact:

Housing Options Team
PO Box 6760
IV30 9BX

Phone: 0300 1234 566 Monday to Friday 8.45am-5pm
Email: housing.support@moray.gov.uk
Emergency Out of Hours: 03457 56 56 56

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