Housing Options Guide 2

Section 2. Housing associations

This section tells you what a housing association is and which housing associations rent properties in Moray.  It includes details about the size and location of the properties as well as rent details and how to contact the housing associations.

What is a housing association?

There are around 200 housing associations and housing co-operatives in Scotland registered with the Scottish Government.  These are known as Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s).  They are “not-for-profit” organisations that offer affordable accommodation.  Some specialise in accommodation for particular groups of people such as older people or disabled people.  They are given grants from the Scottish Government towards the cost of building homes for rent, shared ownership, or low cost home ownership schemes.

Housing associations are one of the main providers of new and affordable housing for local people in housing need. Generally, rents are cheaper than rents with a private landlord, although they can be a little higher than Council rents. If you rent from a housing association you will probably have a Scottish Secure Tenancy.

The following housing associations offer a range of accommodation in Moray. For information on individual stock levels and rental costs, click on the housing association name. 

Please note the following links are in PDF format.

Our nomination agreement

Most councils and housing associations have ‘nomination agreements’ to refer applicants from their waiting lists.  We have nomination agreements with all of the housing associations in our area.  This agreement only gives us the right to suggest names of applicants from our waiting list to these housing associations.  The housing association itself decides who to allocate their houses to. (Different arrangements are in place for homeless households).  If you want to be nominated make sure you apply to each landlord separately. You can access their application forms and other useful information about their application process here.

Types of housing

There are many different types of housing available in Moray.  Some housing associations specialise in a particular type of housing, for example Hanover Housing Association's homes are designed primarily for older or disabled tenants.  When you are allocated a property from a housing association, they will take any specific housing needs into consideration and offer you a home that is suitable for you and your family to live in.  You can find a breakdown of the different housing types in Section 5 of this Housing Options Guide.

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