Housing Options Guide-1

1. Council housing

Moray is a very popular place to live and demand for Council housing is high.  We have around 6,136 lettable properties across Moray.   We had about 3,059 applicants on our housing list.  This includes waiting list, transfer and homeless applicants.

We let properties which become vacant based on housing need.  During 2020/21 we created 431 new tenancies.

There is a very high demand for our properties.  Not everyone who applies will be successful.  Your chances will depend on the supply and demand of housing in the area where you want to live.

This section tells you:

  • About the supply of and demand for our housing.  You can also find out 
    • how many homes there are of each size;
    • how many became empty last year; and 
    • how many people you will be competing with on the housing list for each area.
  • Simply click on the letting area that you would like to live
  • How we allocate our housing

Use the following links for more information on:

How we let our housing stock

We have around 6,136 lettable properties spread across Moray with main areas of Elgin, Buckie, Forres, Keith and Lossiemouth.  The rest are dispersed in smaller settlements.  Most properties are suitable for people with general needs, although there are some sheltered properties and other types of amenity housing.

Size of our housing

Around half of our properties have two bedrooms.  Slightly over a quarter of our stock has one bedroom and just under a quarter have three bedrooms.

You can view charts showing the size of our housing by housing market area.


The impact of Right to Buy (ended 1 August 2016) on our stock.

Some council tenants, depending on when they became a tenant, had the Right to Buy their home.  More than half of Moray‚Äôs council housing stock has been sold to sitting tenants since "Right-to-Buy" legislation was introduced in the early 1980s.   The long term impact of Right to Buy is that we have less council properties available to rent.  Our new build housing programme is one of the measures which helps to address the shortfall in social housing.

Our new build housing programme

We have a programme of new build housing developments.  You can find more information on our Council Housing New Build Programme.

We use Lettings Plans to help us allocate our new build properties when we let them for the first time.  Lettings Plans work alongside our Allocations Policy and help us to

  • respond to local housing need and demand
  • help to suitably match applicants to properties: and
  • help them achieve a balanced housing mix within a particular area.

Although we are building new homes, this alone will not bridge the gap between supply and demand. There is an imbalance between the demand for our properties and the number of applicants requesting the type and size of property available.

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