Housing Options Guide 1c

1c. How to apply for our housing

We have a new online housing application. If you want to be considered for housing with Moray Council you will need to register and create a Housing Online account and select the relevant option:

  • Create a housing application - to create a new application.
  • Incomplete housing application - to continue with an application which has only been partially completed.
  • Completed and accepted - to update and amend an application which has been completed and submitted already.

How our properties are allocated

When you have given us all the information we need, we will work out your total housing points depending on your circumstances. The number of points awarded will usually decide your position on the housing list.  We allocate our housing based on the needs of applicants.  Applications are assessed in line with our Allocations Policy, and then vacant properties are offered to those people assessed as being in the greatest need for housing.  Our policy helps us to make the best use of the housing stock we have available.

In some areas there is a lengthy waiting list and few properties are allocated, but in areas with limited demand applicants can qualify for a property quickly.  Your chance of being offered one of our properties will depend on the supply and demand for housing in the area you would like to live in.  This includes:

  • How often a vacancy occurs for the type of property you need, in the area you want to live.
  • Your position on the housing list.  For waiting and transfer applicants your position on the list will depend on how many points your application has been awarded.  The more points you have, the greater your chance of being offered a home.  If you are on the homeless list you will not be awarded any points. Instead, offers are usually made to the household that has been waiting for the longest amount of time.

How points are allocated (PDF)

Functional Assessment

If you think your current home is not suitable for you due to a health condition and/or disability, you can complete a Functional Assessment Form. This can help you with your application for housing.  A functional assessment does not look at the severity of a person's clinical condition or disability, but rather at whether a different property would stabilise the condition, and allow a person to function more independently.  You can get a form by:

  • Phoning us on 0300 1234 566
  • Emailing us at housing@moray.gov.uk
  • Visiting your local information hub.
  • Downloading a copy from our website at the link below

Housing Functional Assessment Form (PDF)

What to do if you disagree with our decision

As part of our Allocations Policy, we developed a review procedure which deals with instances where an applicant is dissatisfied with the decisions made on any aspect of their housing application. If you disagree with our decision on your housing application, you should write to us.  Your letter should outline in as much detail as possible, why you think our decision is wrong.

You should write to:
Senior Housing Needs Officer (Allocations)
Housing and Property
Moray Council
PO Box 6760
IV30 1BX

Any applicant who is not satisfied with the decisions made on their application, should discuss the situation with the Senior Housing Needs Officer or their nominated representative in the first instance. If an applicant remains dissatisfied, the applicant may write to the Housing Needs Manager to ask that the Housing Needs Review Group consider their case.

If an applicant is still dissatisfied following a decision by the Housing Needs Review Group, the applicant may write to the Head of Housing and Property, as the Council’s senior housing advisor, to ask that the case is considered by a Sub Committee of the Housing and Community Safety Committee..

View more questions and answers about our Allocations Policy by clicking here.


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