Housing Options Guide

Our housing options guide provides a range of information.  This will help you when you are considering the options available to you for housing.  Demand for council housing and housing association properties is very high, and there may be other options which suit your housing needs.  It is important to explore the various routes to housing.  If you are a homeowner, there are specific services and schemes we can offer you in your home.  You can find out more about these on our dedicated page Information for Homeowners.

Our housing options guide is broken down into sections as follows:

Section 1: Council housing
This section includes details about our housing stock and where it is located.  It also gives details about our new build housing programme, and has links to further information about:

  1. Where our stock is located and the supply and demand for housing by lettings area
  2. Rent levels for our properties
  3. How to apply for our housing and how points are allocated

Section 2: Housing associations
This section includes an explanation about what a housing association is, and provides details of the housing associations that rent properties in Moray.  It explains what a nomination agreement is and how to apply for housing to the various housing associations. 

Section 3: Private rented housing
This section provides information about the private rented sector and how to find out about private rental opportunities.  It gives details about the 'Rent-a-Room' scheme and also provides links to further information about:

  1. Landlord registration
  2. Home improvements for occupied private housing
  3. Energy assistance

Section 4: Home ownership
This section provides information about schemes to assist people who want to build or buy their own home.  It gives details about schemes to help homeowners and private tenants with repairs and maintenance in their home, and also provides links to further information about:

  1. Shared ownership
  2. Empty homes

Section 5: Housing that suits your needs
This section gives details about the range of housing types that are available to suit people with specific needs.  It also provides links to further information about:

  1. Assessing your needs
  2. Disabled adaptations to your home
  3. Finding a new home to meet your needs

Section 6: Homelessness
This section explains how we meet our legal duties to help people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.  It details how our housing options team can help prevent homelessness in Moray, and provides links to further information about:

  1. The Homeless Team
  2. Temporary accommodation

Section 7: Housing support
This section provides details about our housing support service and what the service includes.  It explains that our support services are registered with The Care Inspectorate and provides links to Moray Council reports.  You can also access links to other specialist support services from this section.

Section 8: Mortgage and rent arrears
This section provides advice about who to contact if you are having trouble making your mortgage or rent payments.  It also gives details about financial schemes that may be able to help you meet your payments and keep your home.  

There is information about Section 11 duties, which place a duty on other landlords and creditors to tell us when they are going to repossess a home.  This gives us early notice and more time to get in touch with people to offer support and advice before their home is repossessed.

If you are a Moray Council tenant you will find some useful links in this section about how to pay your rent on time, rent arrears, universal credit and money and debt advice.  


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