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Landlord registration

By law, private landlords must register with the local authority where the property is located; it is the owner of the property who must register.  The owner must also declare any agents that they use to manage their property. 

The aim of landlord registration is to ensure that all private landlords in Scotland are fit and proper to be letting residential property. This will help local authorities to remove disreputable landlords from the market, protect tenants, and protect communities from the impact of antisocial behaviour and mismanaged property.  The benefit for landlords who register is that the scheme will remove the unfair competition of landlords who provide poor housing or inadequate management.  

Private sector properties are registered with us under the Landlord Registration Scheme in Moray.  Although the scheme lets us know where the properties are, it does not give us information on the size of the property, whether it already has a tenant or what rent the landlord would charge if it was available.

Before entering in to a lease agreement, tenants should satisfy themselves that the property has been registered.  This is a public register, which you can view online at Landlord registration.

For more information on the Private Landlord Registration Enforcement Policy click here.  To report an unregistered landlord you can contacts us:

Housing and Property
The Moray Council
PO Box 6760
IV30 9BX

Phone: 01343 563327
Email: glynis.duncan@moray.gov.uk or landlord.registration@moray.gov.uk

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