Gambling Premises Licences

Premises Licence Steps to Take

  1. Check what licences/permissions you require. Detailed information on what licence(s)/permission(s) may be required is available on the Gambling Commission's website.  For detailed regulations about applying for a premises licence please read the Gambling Act 2005 (Premises Licences and Provisional Statements) (Scotland) Regulations 2007. There is lots of other useful information on the Commission’s website.
  2. Check whether you need a premises licence - many operators will need to apply to the Board for a premises licence NB. If you think you only need a permit then see our separate note on Permits Steps to Take
  3. Application can only be made for a premises licence once an operator has applied for an operating licence from the Gambling Commission. You do not have to have an operating licence in place to apply for a premises licence but you must have made the application. If you have not applied for an operating licence then you should do so. Generally the premises licence will not be issued unless and until the operating licence has been issued.
  4.  Apply for a Premises Licence if you need one - see our Gambling Licence Formfinder list for application forms
  5. Check you have sent all the correct information. Along with the application form you will need a scale plan, that complies with the regulations, and the correct fee – your application will not be complete unless and until you send the all the correct documents as well as the fee. No action will be taken to process an incorrect application unless and until any error is remedied - the Scottish Government has Regulations that prescribe both the application process and the fees
  6.  On the Gambling Licence Formfinder list you will also find forms to be used to give notice of your application to Responsible Authorities and to the public. You must give notice to the public outside the premises and in a local newspaper. Please consult the regulations referred to above for further details.
  7. Once granted, premises licences will not expire but there may be an annual fee due to the Moray Licensing Board please check our list of fees..

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