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The Moray Licensing Board deals with applications for Gambling Act 2005 premises licences and certain permits. Responsibility for operating licences and personal licences lies with the Gambling Commission.

The forms, details of fees and guidance in relation to applying for a premises licence are all available on this site. Unless and until all correct elements are submitted the application is not complete and no action will be taken to process it.

Further information is available on Premises Licence Steps to Take or Permits Steps to Take. Please review all sections before proceeding to complete any forms.

Statement of Policy

Licensing Board Consultation for Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy 2019- 2021

Section 349 of the Gambling Act 2005 requires a licensing authority to publish a statement of policy, this covers the period of January 2022 to December 2025

Gambling Policy 2022-2025

For details of machine categories please see the Gambling Commission’s website

Gambling Act 2005 Scheme of Delegation (pdf)

Gambling and Gaming Leaflets FAQs

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