Food Hygiene and Food Standards Inspections

Food Hygiene Inspections

Food hygiene inspections establish whether food is being handled, stored and produced hygienically and in compliance with legal requirements, and is therefore safe to eat.

Food Standards Inspections

Food standards inspection deal with labelling, presentation and composition of food. They involve the study of menus, recipes, labelling, and any specific claims made. Inspections are designed to cover all stages in the food chain from production to point of sale.

The booklet Food Law Inspections and Your Business from the Food Standards Agency provides useful information and guidance for businesses.

In order to maximise resources and minimise the burden on the food business operator,  joint food hygiene and food standards inspection is undertaken, so far as is practicable. Further information may be obtained at the following link

Frequency of Inspections

Food  businesses are risk assessed following inspection and the resultant score dictates the minimum inspection frequency. The risk rating system considers the type & size of business, the level of food safety management and conditions noted during the inspection. In addition, premises providing food to vulnerable groups, eg children or the elderly are subject to an additional weighting which may result in more frequent visits.

We do not usually give prior notification of inspection, as a matter of policy. However, some visits may be  carried out by appointment, particularly if the visit is primarily to look at documentation, or if discussions are required with a specific employee or the business proprietor.

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