Liquor Licensing General Queries

General Queries

1. Door steward lost badge how does he get new one?

All door stewards are dealt with by the SIA and should be referred to the Home Office website

2. When do I need a Licence?

A licence from the Licensing Board is needed for every sale of alcohol, whether by a business, an organisation or an individual.

The licence can either be a permanent premises licence or a temporary occasional licence. Please see the separate sections on those.

In certain limited circumstances a licence may not be needed.

A licence is not needed for the genuine free supply of alcohol as it is the sale of alcohol that is regulated. For this purpose it is not genuinely free if the price of alcohol is built into a ticket price e.g. £25 ticket for a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine each. That still counts as a sale.

Alcohol means anything above the strength of 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) although certain things are excluded like perfume, medicine and liqueur confectionery.

The sale of alcohol solely to trade does not need a licence.

Certain places are exempt e.g. military bases, a plane/train/vessel on a journey, international airport or port.

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