2017/18 Council Tax Band Changes

The Scottish Government has introduced legislation which changes the calculation of Council Tax bills for properties in Bands E to H. This came into force on 1 April 2017 and we must use this legislation to calculate Council Tax for these bands.

The amount of Council Tax that you pay is based on your house’s valuation band, with the amount payable for each band being calculated in proportion to Band D. For example, a Band E house in 2016/17 pays 11/9ths more than Band D. So if the Band D charge is £1,135, the Band E charge is £1,387.20 (£1,135 x 11/9 = £1,387.20).

The new proportions used from 2017/18 to calculate the Council Tax charge for properties in Band E to H are shown in the table below. We've also detailed the previous proportions and the percentage increase in Bands E to H following this change in legislation.







Change (%)

E 473/360 11/9 7.5%
F 585/360 13/9 12.5%
G 705/360 15/9 17.5%
H 882/360 18/9 22.5%


No change has been made to these proportions for properties in Bands A to D.

The Scottish Water charges for water and wastewater, which are included in your Council Tax bill, will also continue to be charged using the same calculations as previous years.

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