Valuation Bands

The Assessor is responsible for allocating each domestic property with a valuation band which relates to its capital value at 1 April 1991. The valuation band your property has been placed will be printed on your Council Tax bill.

Valuation List

A Valuation List is published at the start of each financial year by the Assessor. It contains an entry for each domestic property within our boundaries and the Valuation Band assigned to it. The Valuation List does not include details of the capital value assigned by the Assessor to a property.

Valuation bands used for Council Tax.

Capital Value
Up to £27,000
£27,001 - £35,000
£35,001 - £45,000
£45,001 - £58,000
£58,001 - £80,000
£80,001 - £106,000
£106,001 - £212,000
Over £212,000

These valuation bands and their capital values, only relate to domestic properties in Scotland. In England and in Wales, each valuation band relates to different capital values.

You can inspect your property's valuation band online by accessing the Assessor's online Valuation List search facility

You may, in certain circumstances, be able to appeal against your property's valuation band.  For example, if you have only recently become liable for the payment of Council Tax at a property.

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