June FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01/06/2022 Alcohol and Drug Treatment Multiple
  Indemnity Insurance Financial Services
  Business Rates Credits Financial Services
  Council Tax Credits for Businesses Financial Services
02/06/2022 Empty Homes Multiple
  DPIA Library Service Education Resources & Communities
  Autism and Learning Disability Education
06/06/2022 Sports Facilities Education Resources & Communities
  No Overnight Parking Signs Environmental & Commercial Services
  Home to School Transport Environmental & Commercial Services
  Housing Waiting List Housing & Property Services
  Resource Spending Review Governance Strategy & Performance
  Seagull Incidents and Costs Economic Growth & Development
  Council Staff Signed Off Work HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Footfall and Complaints at Moray Recycling Centres Environmental & Commercial Services
  Fly-Tipping Multiple
  Council Tax Debts Financial Services
  Local Authority Education Budgets 2022-2023 Education
07/06/2022 Social Care Charges Debt Recovery Adult Social Care
  Vaping Products Confiscated in Schools Education
  Contracts held with Mears Group Finance
  Number of Pupils at State Schools Education
  Homeless Ukrainian Nationals Adult Social Care
  Diesel Use in Council Vehicles Environmental & Commercial Services
  Leisure Activities Education Resources & Communities
  Expenses Claims by Chief Executive Chief Executive
  Visiting Health Professionals in Schools Education
08/06/2022 Mayors' Cars Multiple
  Intranet HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Education
  Ukrainian Refugees Adult Social Care
  Social Work with Absent Children Multiple
  Absent Children Education
  Electric Vehicle Charging Points Environmental & Commercial Services
  Community Protection Notices Economic Growth & Development
  Fines Issued for Jubilee Street Parties Economic Growth & Development
  Fly Tipping Environmental & Commercial Services
09/06/2022 Misogyny Multiple
  Unclaimed Business Rate Credit Write On Balances Financial Services
  School Meal Debt Education
10/06/2022 Queen's Platinum Jubilee Budget Chief Executive
  Mental Health and Wellbeing Services for Children and Young People Multiple
  The National Newspaper HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Equalities/Access Officer Adult Social Care
  River Deveron, Moray Environmental & Commercial Services
  Review of FOI 101003017821 Deaf Children/ Young People Budget Education
13/06/2022 Mixed Sex/Gender Neutral Toilets Education Resources & Communities
  School Crossing Patrollers Multiple
  Archive Marketing Plans HR, ICT and Organisational Development
14/06/2022 Physical Intervention In School Education
  Staff Dismissed with Long Covid HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Blue Badges and Concessionary Travel Cards Environmental & Commercial Services
  SPUC Visits to Schools Education
  Communication with SPUC Multiple
  SPUC Resources Education
  Key Individuals ICT HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Keith Data Request Environmental & Commercial Services
  Employment of Persons with Disabilities HR, ICT and Organisational Development
15/06/2022 Temporary Accommodation Housing and Property Services
  Unadopted Highways Environmental & Commercial Services
  Disaster Management Plans for Archives Environmental & Commercial Services
  Liquor Licences Governance Strategy & Performance
  NA Funerals Economic Growth & Development
16/06/2022 Flytipping Fines Served to Businesses Environmental & Commercial Services
  Noise Caused By Neighbours Economic Growth & Development
  Cladding Housing and Property Services
  Free School Meals Multiple
  Planning Approval Economic Growth & Development
  Allotments Environmental & Commercial Services
17/06/2022 Expense & Invoice Financial Services
  Review of FOI 101003053175 Common Good Funds Financial Services
  Blue Badges and Concessionary Travel Cards Environmental and Commercial
20/06/2022 Legal Claims Cycle Lanes Environmental & Commercial Services
  Pinegrove Housing and Property Services
  Council Tax Liability Orders Financial Services
  Councillors with Council Tax Arrears Financial Services
  ACM Cladding Housing and Property Services
  Housing First Tenancies Housing and Property Services
  Council Refurbishments Housing and Property Services
  Care/Care Experience Children & Families & Criminal Justice
21/06/2022 Household Support Fund Financial Services
  Violence at Work HR, ICT and Organisational Develop
  Residential Property Development Projects Housing and Property Services
22/06/2022 NIS Regulations HR, ICT and Organisational Develop
  Fair Trade Financial Services
  Restraint/Seclusion Education
  Dangerous Wild Animals Licences Governance Strategy & Performance
  Dog Warden Cases and Dog Noise Complaints Economic Growth and Development
23/06/2022 New and Improved Relief Financial Services
  Council Cyber-Attacks HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Taxis Registered Governance Strategy & Performance
  Elective Home Education Education
  Spend on Pathology/ Laboratory testing Economic Growth & Development
26/06/2022 Violence Against Employees by Pupils Education
27/06/2022 Generation Z in the Library Education Resources & Communities
  Exclusions Education
  File Management HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Devices HR, ICT and Organisational Development
  Business Property Rates Financial Services
  NHS Dental Services Adult Social Care
  Food Insecurity  
28/06/2022 Team Leaders Multiple
  Road/Pavement Maintenance Costs Environmental & Commercial Services
  S11 Homelessness Housing and Property Services
  Voting by Prisoners Governance Strategy & Performance
  HSCP Reserves 2021/22 Adult Social Care
  Garden Complaints Economic Growth & Development
  Business Improvement District Economic Growth & Development
  Spynie Hospital Planning Visits Economic Growth & Development
29/06/2022 Free School Meals Multiple
  Grant Making Practice Multiple
30/06/2022 Meal Allowance Environmental & Commercial Services
  Available Social Housing Housing and Property Services
  Establishment of Local Bus Services Environmental and Commercial Services
  Care Experienced Children and Young People Fund Multiple

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