Occupational Therapy

Our team of Community Occupational Therapists and Occupational Assistants provide support and solutions to functional difficulties you may be experiencing in your home. This could be as simple as putting on socks or making your home wheelchair accessible. Please note: we do not assist with treatment programmes.

All enquiries will be managed by our Access Care Team based on our eligibility criteria. They can offer information, advice and arrange a care assessment

We provide support to everyone

Support is available to anyone of any age in Moray. We can assess and suggest equipment, minor/major adaptation and rehousing options. Anyone can make a referral on your behalf or you can refer yourself directly. We will prioritise our services in accordance with each individual's need.

Charges and returns

We do not charge for stocked equipment or minor adaptations. Equipment provided is considered a loan and remains our property. It should be returned to us when it is no longer required or requires repairs.

Major adaptations

Homeowners requiring major adaptations will need a more detailed care assessment.

Support buying equipment

If you would like advice on buying your own equipment, we can provide a free impartial service offering information and assessment on any aspect relating to disability or functional difficulties. For more information, contact us.

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Access Care Team

01343 563999


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