Groups, Schools and Teachers

We welcome school classes, nurseries, playgroups, home educators, clubs and organisations to our libraries. If you’d like to bring a group along, please contact the library you wish to visit.

We encourage teachers to bring their classes to the library where we can explain what we offer and what is available. For older children we are happy to delve a bit deeper, sharing the mysteries of the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and online resources. We can also support your project work by arranging themed visits focusing on your topics of choice.

All teachers in Moray are eligible for a Teacher’s Ticket allowing them extended borrowing to support their teaching.

Pre-Five Settings
We are happy for nurseries and playgroups to visit the library for storytimes, but these do need to be arranged in advance – please contact the library you wish to visit.

Playgroup tickets are available for all pre-five settings allowing for more items to be borrowed for longer.

Childminders and Home Educators
Registered Childminders may apply for a Playgroup ticket allowing them to borrow more items for a longer period to support their work. There is a similar ticket available for Home Educators.

Clubs and Organisations
We offer assistance for uniformed organisations (e.g. Guides, Scouts) that want help supporting badges and awards. You can also arrange to bring your group to visit the library and have a guided tour. Please contact your local library ahead of time.

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