Non-Domestic Rates FAQs - Reductions

Can I get a reduction if my property is vacant?

If a business property is completely vacant and unfurnished, 3 months 50% relief followed by 10% relief can be given from the date the property became vacant.  Only one period of 3 months relief can be granted in any vacant period, regardless of any change to the ratepayer during this period. The definition of unfurnished is cleared of all moveable items, otherwise the property is considered to be used for storage. Certain properties are exempt from the vacant charge; examples are listed buildings, and properties with a Rateable Value of less than £1700 (ie £1699 and below) If you wish to claim for this relief please complete the Empty Property Rates Relief Application Form (PDF)

Can I get any other reductions?


My property is a listed building. Can I claim exemption?

Exemption for Listed Buildings can only be claimed if the property is vacant and unfurnished and the statutory vacant relief has already been applied.  Exemption can be requested from the 90% unoccupied charge by completing an Exemption from Unoccupied Charge application form (PDF) 

This application form also covers other exemptions from the Unoccupied charge e.g. Court appointed Liquidator

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