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Centres are key to delivering the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We have a partnership agreement with the centres and MLAC that sets out how we manage the Award. This agreement complies with the licence that we hold to allow the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to be delivered in Moray.

How our team supports the centres

We support the centres in delivering the Duke of Edinbugh’s Award as part of our commitment to community learning and development. Our team is:

  • Karen Delaney – DofE Manager
  • Lee Challice – DofE Development Worker for East Moray: Buckie High School, Keith Grammar School, Milnes High School and Speyside High School.
  • Chris Gransden – DofE Development Worker for West Moray: Elgin Academy, Elgin High School, Forres Academy and Lossiemouth High School.

We work together on a daily basis and responsibilities include advising centres on DofE policy (both national and regional) and providing training for new and existing volunteers. We produce a monthly newsletter to spread the word on new policy, opportunities for participants and volunteers and news stories about DofE in Moray.

We visit centres on a regular basis - normally three times each year - to monitor progress, answer questions and offer support and advice.

We also manage our volunteers and provide the support they need to ensure that they are trained and able to support the participants and centres.

The DofE website, the Leaders’ Handbook and our useful links contain more resources and forms that you need to run a centre. 

If you are a centre or would like to become a DofE centre, please contact us if you have any queries.

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