Legal Action to Stop Domestic Abuse

We can support you to approach a solicitor to help with legalities surrounding your home, property and/ or your children.

Moray has a variety of solicitors, many who specialise in Family Law.

Legal Aid….

If you need help with legal costs you may be eligible for Legal Aid.  Legal Aid is organised by the Legal Services Commission (LSC).  It is provided in the following ways:

  • Legal Help
  • Help at Court
  • Family Help
  • Family Mediation
  • Legal Representation

Further information on Legal Aid can be found at your local Citizen Advice Bureau.External website logo

Getting an Interdict……

If the violence, abuse or threatening behaviour has happened and there is evidence, you may be able to apply for an interdict.  An interdict is sought through a solicitor and is an order from court instructing the person to abide by certain conditions eg: not to contact or approach you or your address.

Some Interdicts include a ‘power of arrest’.  The person can then be arrested if they choose to ignore the conditions of the interdict.

Help With Legal Action….

The following can advise you regarding Legal action:

  • Moray Women’s Aid – 01343 548549
  • Moray Police Domestic Abuse Unit – 01224 307104

Moray also has a Domestic Abuse Family Support Worker who can also help you through legal action against the abusive person – giving you support, listening to your concerns, explaining proceedings, discussing choices and helping with solicitors.  This service is only available to those victims with children. contact your local Social Work Team.

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