LAC Manual - Part 3 Kinship Contents List

Kinship Care falls into two broad categories

3.1 Informal Kinship Care


3.2  Formal Kinship Care

Formal Kinship Care includes the following sections

     3.2.1 The Process

     3.2.2 Kinship Arrangements not approved

     3.2.3  Complaints

     3.2.4.  Reviewing Children in Formal Kinship Care Arrangements

     3.2.5.  Review and Support of Kinship Carers

     3.2.6.  Kinship and Permanence

     3.2.7.  Payment to Formal Kinship Carers

     3.2.8.  Kinship Carer Records

     3.2..9  Allegations against Kinship Carers

     3.2.10  Finance for Young People 16+

     3.2.11.  Assessment of Kinship Carers as Lodging Providers

     3.2.12  Referral to Throughcare and Aftercare Service

3.3 Relevant Legislation

basic principles
Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulations 2009
Getting it Right for Every Child (Scotland)
Getting it Right for Every Child (Moray)
GIRFEC In Kinship Care and Foster Care
Children (Scotland) Act 1995
Children and Young People’s Act 2014
Children’s Hearing (Scotland) Act 2011
Private Fostering Regulations

3.4 Relevant Policies and Links

GIRFEC In Kinship Care and Foster Care
Getting it Right for Every Child (Moray)
Getting it Right for Every Child (Scotland)
Local Integrated Assessment Process
Looked After Children
Child Protection Policies & Procedures
Welfare Rights Officer
Citizen’s Advice Bureau

3.5       Forms:

Application for Enhanced Disclosure
Day to Day
Permanence Opinion Template 
LAC review
Letter to GP
Kinship Care Assessment
Local Authority Notification
Permanence process
request for information
Statement on Health of Kinship Carer

3.6 Reference documents

family meeting
health checks
Private Fostering for Parents and Carers FAQ
process for application form and checks
Responsibility of Local Authority
Kinship Care Procedures

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