LAC Manual Part 4 - Care Away From Home Contents List


Children who may need a period of care away from home, on either a voluntary or compulsory basis, will come to the attention of those providing services in a variety of ways. A child or parent may actively seek help. A person already working with a child or parent may have reason for concern and seek additional support from other services, or make a formal referral for a service. The Children’s Reporter may receive information suggesting that a child may need compulsory measures of supervision or care and may request an assessment and report.

The process of identifying a child’s need builds on routine, existing processes to assess needs and risks for child.  This includes making plans and actions with children, parents and others to meet their needs and to manage and reduce risks

The additional considerations for children who may need a period of compulsory supervision or a period of care away from home are set out in detail in the following sections. Not all will apply to every child.

  1. Identifying the need for a care placement
  2. Identifying the need for compulsion
  3. Identifying the need for emergency powers to protect
  4. Identifying the need for secure accommodation
  5. Holidays with Looked After Children
  6. Practice Guidance for Indictment

4 Relevant Documents for Care Away from Home

4.  Relevant Legislation

Children’s Hearing (Scotland) Act, 2011
Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act, 2011 – Information Leaflet
Children in the same family to 2009 LAC Regulations
Education (Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2009
Good Practice Guidance - Implementation of Secure Accommodation Authorisation
Guidance on Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulation 27
Regulation 36(5)
Regulation 37
relevant person
Schedule 1 of the 2009 Regulations
S70(10)(a) or (b)

4 Relevant Policies and Links

Appropriate officer
Child’s Plan and Planning Process
Child Protection
Core Group
Day-to-day Care Arrangements Placement Agreement
Determining the need for a placement
Disruption processes
Emergency Measures
Emergency powers
Health Assessment
Residential / Independent Foster Care Agreement form
Initial Referral Discussion
Introduction to Permanence
Kinship Care
Legal grounds for compulsion.
Moray Child Protection Procedures.
Placement Services Group (PSG/ARMG) Placement or Support Request (Word doc)
Placement Services Group (PSG/ARMG) Transport Request Form (Excel)
Risk assessment
Statutory review
Who Cares?

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