Part 6 - Permanence - Contents List

  1. Introduction
  2. Permanence Process UPDATED June 2016 (PDF)
  3. Key principles
  4. Considerations, regarding permanence work, arising from key principles
  5. Key functions of panels, specialist services and meetings in relation to Permanence Planning
  6. Initiating Permanence Planning-Decision to begin Exploration
  7. Planning for and supporting the child’s move to Permanent Carers

Relevant Legislation

Securing Children’s Futures: Good Practice in Permanence Planning and Family Placement
'Helping Children Join Adoptive Families’
Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007
Compulsory Supervision Order
S25 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995.

Relevant Policies and Links

The legal test for a Permanence Order
The My World assessment model
The Resilience Matrix
Managing Contact
Child’s Needs Meeting pro forma
Together or Apart
Permanence Plans
Smoking Policy
Advice - Permanence Legal Opinion Template

Child's Adoption and Permanence Report - Forms and Guidance

Professionals please access Child's Adoption and Permanence Report (CAPR) forms

Guidance Notes CAPR Scotland 2015
Birth Father's View CAPR Scotland 2015
Birth Mother's View CAPR Scotland 2015
Carer's Report - Child CAPR Scotland 2015
Carer's Report - Young Person CAPR Scotland 2015
Child's Wishes and Feelings CAPR Scotland 2015
Support Plan, Part A: Child's Needs and Part B: Support to Adoptive Family CAPR Scotland 2015
Support Plan Narrative Report CAPR Scotland 2015
Pet Assessment Form 2015 

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