Moray Tenants Forum

What do they do?

Moray Tenants Forum aim to improve housing services and conditions for our tenants.

We regularly consult with the Forum on changes to our service or other housing related matters.  

Who are members?

Moray Tenants Forum is made up of Council tenants.  Housing staff and the Chair of Communities Committee are invited to attend.  The group also invite along guest speakers on the topics that the tenants would like to find out more about.

Why get involved?

With Council budgets being stretched and some services experiencing cuts it is a good time to get involved.  The Forum gives you the opportunity to influence future decisions and improve housing services.  You could really make a difference to your community. 

When do they meet?

The Forum usually meet every few months and the meetings are informal and friendly.  The next meeting takes place on 25 February 2020.

All Council tenants are welcome - but please contact us first on 0300 123 4566 or email if you are interested in attending.

We support the Forum through grant funding, so you can get help with expenses such as travel or childcare costs.

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