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Important update

Please help us to keep you and your family safe  

Fire regulations in Scotland have changed.  As your landlord, we have a legal duty to upgrade the smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms in your home.  This will make sure your property meets the new minimum legal safety standards needed for fire safety in social housing.  We can only carry out the work if we get access to your property.  Get more information about this important fire safety work

Repairs Service Update

Moray Council’s non-emergency repairs service for housing tenants re-started from Monday 26 April 2022.  This includes all planned maintenance programmes such as cyclical maintenance and upgrades to your home.  

Due to the previous restrictions we have a current backlog of outstanding work.  This will cause some ongoing delays within our repairs and maintenance services.  We ask for your patience.  Please bear with us while we do everything possible to address this current backlog and all incoming calls.   

All new non-emergency repairs can be reported from Monday 26 April 2022 by phoning our Contact Centre on 0300 123 4566 during office hours, 8.45am - 5pm.  Please note our Contact Centre can be very busy between 8:45am and 10am.  Where possible we would appreciate if your call can wait until after this time to avoid any unnecessary waiting time for you.  All repairs will be prioritised depending on the nature of the repair.

The health and safety of our tenants, their families, our staff and our contractors is our number one priority.  You can see our guidelines for visiting your home on our website at

We take the maintenance of our housing stock very seriously, and invest millions of pounds every year into making sure our houses provide good quality, energy efficient homes.  We do this through our void letting standard, by making sure that homes continue to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and by improving energy efficiency in order to meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH).  

During 2020/21 we will spend over £11 million on the upkeep and improvement of our homes.  This will include expenditure under our major cyclical and planned maintenance programmes as shown in the tables below.

Cyclical maintenance

This budget is mainly spent on the servicing of gas, coal, oil and air source heat pump installations, and a regular six-yearly programme of pre-paintwork repairs and external paintwork to properties.  We are implementing a geographically based seven-yearly external decoration and fabric repair programme which commences in 2022/2023.  Properties in the Forres area will be receiving works in year 1 of the programme.  


Cyclical maintenance 2022/23 budget
Gas servicing 360
Solid fuel servicing 15
Air source heat pump servicing 59
Smoke alarm servicing 15
External decoration and fabric repairs 358
Other servicing 50
Total 857

Planned maintenance

This budget covers capital improvements and planned maintenance of our housing stock, including our current Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) programme which we must meet by December 2020.  A new standard, EESSH2 will be introduced from 2020 to 2030 and in order to meet this a programme of renewable heating systems is also being considered for 2020/21. 

The table below shows our overall planned maintenance budget for 2022/23.

Planned maintenance/capital improvements Revenue budget 2022/23
Capital budget 2022/23
Roof and fabric repairs 500 -
Rain water goods 450 -
Central heating upgrades - 1,500
Insulation - 1,000
EESSH/EESSH2 - 5,460
Kitchen and bathroom replacements - 1,175
Plumbing upgrades 51 -
Electrical upgrades 396 -
Window and door replacements - 1,100
Safety and security 21 -
Shower installation programme 50 -
Sheltered housing upgrades 10 -
Smoke Alarm/CO2 Upgrades - 375
Garage upgrades 25 -
Asbestos 360 -
Estate upgrades 230 -
Landscape maintenance 50 -
Enabling/Decoration vouchers 82 -
Disabled adaptations 360 -
TOTAL 2,585 10,610

We need to make sure that all our homes continue to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS).  This is achieved by homes being compliant with the tolerable standard, free from serious disrepair, energy efficient, supplied with modern facilities and services and being healthy, safe and secure.

Since December 2020, social landlords are also required to meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH).  We have prepared a strategy to enable our stock, as far as practicable, to meet the requirements of this standard and have revised our budget to provide funding for increased energy efficiency and other related improvements.

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