Internal Wall Insulation

We are making energy improvements to our homes by installing internal wall insulation. The contractor will need to carry out a survey to decide if your home is suitable for internal wall insulation and which walls will need it.

The contractor will install insulated boarding to the inside face of the external walls. The works are expected to take 3-5 days to complete, and you will not need to move out of your home. The contractor will protect the works and adjoining areas from dust and debris. Your home will be left in a safe and liveable condition at the end of the working day.

Your home will be more energy efficient once the works are complete and you will notice it warming up more quickly and staying warm for longer. Insulation creates a barrier between the inside and outside that prevents air flow between the two. This should help to cool your home in summer and keep the heat inside in winter.This will help to reduce fuel bills as your heating system will not need to work so hard to heat your home. It’s important that your home is adequately ventilated because of the barrier the insulation creates. Airing your home will let the moist air out and drier air in, reducing the risk of damp and mould.

Our leaflet provides information and tips on how you can help to prevent condensation, damp and mould.

Generally, the works include:

  • Where necessary, removing blinds and curtains which will be handed to you for safe keeping.  They will be reinstalled once the works are complete.
  • Lifting and removing floor coverings and carpets approximately 2m away from the walls being worked on.
    Where necessary, removing and reinstating radiators on walls where internal wall insulation is being applied.
  • Removing and installing power and aerial points on walls where internal wall insulation is being applied.
  • Painting the works only where internal wall insulation has been applied.

Your responsibilities

  • You will need to move loose furniture, beds, electrical appliances, and equipment to allow the internal wall insulation works to go ahead.

The contract does not include:

  • Internal wall insulation to kitchens and bathrooms or en suites, this will be undertaken when the kitchen or bathroom is due for replacement.
  • Removing furniture or goods from rooms.
  • Structural works.
  • Wall papering.

Internal Wall Insulation FAQs

How long does the work take and how much upheaval will there be?

The work usually takes between 3 and 5 days. The contractor will try to ensure there is as little mess as possible. The insulation boards will be prepared outside of your property to minimise dust and mess. Furniture and floor coverings will be covered during the work and any tools and materials will be removed by the contractor at the end of the day. Please note this can be an intrusive process due to the nature of the work.

Can I use the room while the insulation is being installed, for example sleep in my bedroom?

Yes, the room the insulation is being installed in will be left in a liveable condition at the end of each working day.

Is the work disruptive?

There will be some drilling as the boards are fixed to the walls and there will be some dust. The contractor will try to keep this to a minimum.

Do I need to be at home during the installation?


Will my electricity, heating, TV and phone still operate during the works?

During the works, electrical sockets and aerials will be removed and reinstated. The electricity supply to the affected rooms will be turned off but the contractor will ensure that power to the kitchen will be kept on.

The electricity will only be turned off on the first day of the works and power will be switched back on at the end of the first day. The contractor will try to reinstate any radiators removed as soon as possible after the plaster works are completed.

Will my walls be redecorated after installation?

Where agreed at the survey stage, all insulated walls will be painted white by the contractor and other decorative features such as cornicing may be replaced. This will be discussed at survey.

Will insulation be installed if there is damp in the property?

Any existing damp would need to be treated before the installation of the insulation unless the cause of damp is confirmed at survey as being condensation damp. This type of damp would benefit from the installation of internal wall insulation.

Does the insulation include a guarantee?

Yes, the insulation will include a 25-year guarantee.

What materials are being used and is there a fire risk?

The proposed insulation system is sufficiently safe that the use of the system is unrestricted by the Scottish building regulations. It is one of the most effective and widespread boards used for this type of insulation.

After installation, will I be able to hang things on the newly insulated wall?

Yes, thought should always be given to the weight of an item being hung on the wall. A solid fixing should be used with all wall hung objects.

Information on the type of fixing to use for different loads will be covered in the contractors’ handover pack. A handover pack will be given to you on completion of the work.

Will you refit my wall mounted TV?

Unfortunately, the contractor is not able to refit wall mounted televisions due to insurance purposes. However, they would be happy to offer you advice on how to carry out this work.

What access do the contractors need to my home and how many visits will the insulation involve?

The contractors will require full access to you home during the programmed dates of work. Several items of work such as plastering, and decoration require visits and drying time between visits.

What happens to my carpets or laminate flooring? Is this cut back or are the insulation boards put on top of it?

This is generally down to the choice of the resident. The contractor would recommend that any floor coverings are cut back. This is to ensure that all the external walls are fully insulated, and that future carpet or flooring renewals do not unnecessarily disturb the insulation work.

Will I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

As part of this project, the contractor would prepare a pre and post install EPC and a copy of these certificates will be made available to you.

Is there anything else I can do to be more energy efficient and save money?

Have a chat with an energy advisor at Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 for advice on ways to save energy and money in your home.

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