Condensation, Damp and Mould

Are condensation, damp and mould causing problems in your home? 

Many people can experience issues with damp and mould in their home at some point.   Moulds are caused by too much moisture or condensation in a building. Preventing any moisture in your home is important and can be easier than you might think.

It is important we work together to keep our houses in good condition and your household healthy.

Mould can cause allergic reactions, respiratory and breathing problems as well as triggering asthma.

There are two main causes of moisture and damp in your home.

1) Something in your home is broken and/or leaking.  This could be:

  • Leaking pipes, roofs, windows, guttering, walls
  • Damaged/blocked drains
  • Poorly installed garden features/decking
  • Rising/penetrating damp in basements or ground floors
  • Ground water that has not dried out in a newer build.  

These types of repairs often cause tide marks on your walls or roof and will generally be our responsibility to repair.  

What should I do?

Please report your repair issue to us as soon as possible including as much detail as you can to help us diagnose the problem. We may need to arrange an inspection at a time that suits you.  

Phone - 0300 123 4566
Email -

2)  Too much moisture caused by the daily activities in your house is causing condensation and/or mould.  

CondensationWhat causes it and what can I do about it?

MouldHow can I clean mould effectively?

Please also see our leaflet - Help Prevent Condensation, Damp and Mould - A guide for tenants

What can I do if I need help with my heating costs?

If you are struggling to heat your home due to the current cost of living crisis, please visit our web page which offers a lot of useful advice including possible benefits, grants, crisis loans, energy efficiency and other money advice.  Use the following link

If you have pre-payment gas and electric meters but don’t have credit because you can’t afford it, or you are having problems topping up your meter, please contact your energy supplier.  They should be able to help you add temporary credit to your meter automatically.  Please check your supplier’s website to find out how to get temporary credit. For more general information on help paying your heating bills please visit Moray Citizens Advice web page at

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