Council House Kitchen Replacement Programme

We aim to carry out a large scale survey of our tenants every 3 years.  Kitchen replacement has been one of the most important property improvements to tenants in the last 2 tenant surveys.  During 2015/16 we plan to replace approximately 400 kitchens in our properties.

Our main priority is to replace the kitchens which fail the Scottish Housing Quality Standard condition element so that our stock can be maintained at that standard.  However we also take the age and provision of the existing kitchen into account when planning our programme and in addition we survey a sample of kitchens in each area on an ongoing basis.

Download or view a  list showing where these kitchens will be fitted in 2015/16 (PDF). It is difficult for us to be sure where we will be able to replace kitchens in future years until we have completed area based surveys and considered all the information that we hold on previous replacement dates.

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