Council Tenants - Shared Areas and Gardens

If you live in a property with shared areas, you must take your turn with other residents to keep it clean and tidy. This includes:

  • drying greens and drying areas, staircases, landings, hall entrances, lifts and bin areas. Do not block people‚Äôs access or leave things lying that could put people in danger.
  • if you and your neighbours cannot agree on a rota or arrangement, or you fail to do the work, we are entitled to decide what you should do and when. If you fail to do the work, we may do it then charge you.
  • do not store property in shared areas (unless it is storage) this includes bikes, motorbikes and prams.
  • take responsibility for avoiding damage to your house and your neighbours homes, particularly in freezing weather.

If you share a garden with your neighbours, take it in turns to keep it from being overgrown or causing a nuisance. You must regularly cut the grass, weed flowerbeds, trim hedges, keep the garden free from litter, and ask our permission before chopping down trees or bushes which you did not plant.

If you are unable to maintain your garden due to your age, illness or disability, read more about our grass cutting scheme.

To get rid of household rubbish, place in it your wheelie bin for collection. For larger items that you need to get rid of, use our bulky uplift service.

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