Tenant Participation

As a council tenant, you have a say about the services we deliver.  Tenant participation is all about you taking part in the decision-making process and influencing decisions about housing policies, conditions and related services.  You can read more about this in our Tenant Participation Strategy.

Here are a few examples of ways that you can get involved:

Consultation: We can add you to our list of interested tenants, which means we can let you know when there are consultations or reviews which are relevant to you.

Estate walkabouts: You can attend joint inspections of the local area, with councillors and housing staff.  These walkabouts help us to identify issues and find solutions to address them.

Registered Tenant Organisations (RTOs): You can join an RTO, which is an independent organisation that represents tenants' views on housing issues (view our RTO Register).  The Moray Tenants Forum became operational in 2014-15.  We give them practical advice and support, and help them to meet their running costs.  Any of our tenants can join and take part in their  meetings.  The meetings are informal and friendly and will give you the opportunity to meet new people.  

Satisfaction surveys: We conduct regular surveys of our service, and a larger review every three years.

Social media: Our Facebook group keeps tenants (and members of their household) updated on housing issues and is used for consultations and gathering feedback.  

Tenant conference: We sometimes hold conferences and events for our tenants to find out about our services.

Tenant scrutiny: Join our newly formed Service Improvement Panel (SIP) to have the chance to assess our services and make recommendations on how we can improve them.

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