Citizenship Ceremonies

To celebrate becoming a British citizen, the Government has introduced Citizenship Ceremonies.  For more information on how to apply for British nationality, please visit the UK Visas and Immigration.

Becoming a British citizen is an important event in your life. The Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 makes it compulsory for all new British citizens to receive their Certificate of Naturalisation from the Home Office at a ceremony conducted by the local registrar’s office.

During the ceremony the registrar will welcome you as a new citizen to the local community. You will be invited to take an affirmation or oath of allegiance to His Majesty the King and give a pledge of commitment. Local dignitaries may attend to present the certificates of citizenship.

Ceremonies are held at the Registrar’s Office each month free of charge. Citizenship ceremonies are private and not open to the public.  You can usually invite guests to your ceremony.  Individual ceremonies can be arranged for a fee.

To book your ceremony contact the registrar’s office on 01343 554600 or


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