Stillbirth Registration

Stillbirths must be registered within 21 days. A short postponement can be arranged in consultation with the registrar should it be necessary.

Our registrar’s office is based in Elgin, however a stillbirth can be registered at any registrar’s office in Scotland. 

If the parents of the child are married to each other, either parent can register the stillbirth. If the parents are not married and they wish for the father’s name to appear on the stillbirth entry, they should attend together. Further advice can be obtained from our registrar’s office.

The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) provide support for bereaved parents. Support is also available from the Child Death Helpline on 0800 282 986.

Documents to bring to the registrar:

  • the certificate of stillbirth (Form 6), which will have been issued by the hospital
  • the birth certificate/s of the child’s parent/s
  • the marriage certificate of the child’s parents (if applicable)

Documents issued by the registrar:

  • certificate of registration of stillbirth (Form 8) for burial or cremation purposes (free of charge).
  • a stillbirth certificate for the parents (free of charge if requested within one month).

When a stillbirth occurs abroad

Register the stillbirth according to local regulations in the country concerned and obtain a certificate of the stillbirth. There is no facility available to register stillbirth with the British Consul.


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