Performance Information for Community Care


We work in a culture of continuous improvement and constantly strive to improve performance. Targets are set annually and monitored by the Health and Social Care Committee.

More information about the Council's performance can be found on our Performance Reporting pages.

Quarterly Monitoring Statements

The document that provides supporting information; progress against Service Plan Actions, results against Performance Indicator and Complaint outcomes.  Regular performance reports presented to Council Committees refer to the document.

A revised suite of service outcomes, service standards and performance indicators will be used to monitor the performance of the Community Care and Criminal Justice services by the Health and Social Care Committee for 2013/14 on a six-monthly basis.

Service Plan

The Service Plan identifies high level objectives and  underpinning milestones to be fulfilled for 2014/15.
These high level objectives relate to the management functions of: Assessment and Care; Provider Services; Commissioning; Performance; Specialist Services (Learning Disability, Mental Health & Transitions); Drug & Alcohol and cross cutting support provided to all service teams by the Consultant Practitioners.
The fulfillment of these objectives will ultimately aim to achieve improved outcomes for all people who receive an Adult Community Care service.

Service Improvement Plan 2012/13

It is the intention that this plan will form the basis of monitoring of service improvement activity for 2012/13 and will form the basis of future Community Care Service Plans for the next 3 years until 2015/16.
At a time when the Community Care Service is undergoing transformational change, the plan will detail and link the key actions with expenditure required for the delivery of improved outcomes. The objectives and tasks outlined in the services' team plans are also aligned to this Service Plan.
The plan is therefore intended as a strategic document that will be used both as a guide for all Community Care members of staff to use and as a means for elected members to monitor our performance.


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