Joint Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy


Mental health and wellbeing are important for everyone. It is about how we feel, think and behave. It is affected by lots of things such as where we live, whether we feel useful and valued, and the kinds of relationships we have with others.

We want Moray to be a place where more people - children, young people and adults of all ages - have good mental health.

The Moray Council and NHS Grampian are working in partnership with the wider community to develop a 10 year mental health and wellbeing strategy for all ages.

The strategy, or plan, will provide the framework for improving health and wellbeing. It will set the outcomes and priorities the community wants the council and NHS to work towards in order to support people to have better lives.

To help lay the foundations for the start of work on the strategy, we asked anyone with an interest in mental health and wellbeing to take part in a survey to share their views and ideas on what supports good mental health and wellbeing, what services and support there is, where the gaps are and what needs to change.

They were invited to do this through an on-line/paper survey or by coming along to an open conversation cafe event.

We also met with members of the Moray Mental Health support group and service users who attend the Moray Anchor Project. Family carers shared their views via the Quarriers Carer Support Service.

The initial engagement stage ran from May until September.


We asked:

We wanted to know what is good for your mental health and what is not good, how services are working, what could be better and if there is anything missing in Moray. We asked people to rank a series of issues relating to mental health and wellbeing. We invited any other comments people wished to put forward.

You said:

More needs to be done around early intervention and prevention work so that everyone is able to support their own mental health and wellbeing as much as possible. People living with a mental health problem need high quality support which is right for them and which is in the right place at the right time. More needs to be done to tackle the stigma which still exists around mental health issues.

We did:

We looked at the commons themes which emerged from what people said. We took these to a number of strategy development days which were open to all stakeholders, including those who took part in the initial stage, and started to build up the detail of the draft mental health and wellbeing strategy.

The draft document is expected to be ready to go out for public consultation at the start of 2016.

It will be supported by a delivery plan with clear actions for each stakeholder to take forward and be accountable for. This will help us ensure that the outcomes and priorities are achieved and that we keep track of our progress.

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