Moray Local Development Plan 2020: Examination 2019/20

The Council submitted the Moray Local Development Plan 2020 - Proposed Plan and associated documents to Scottish Ministers for Examination on 28 June 2019.

Scottish Ministers appointed Lorna McCallum MSc, BSc(Hons), MRTPI and Claire Milne BSc(Hons) DipTP MBA MRTPI.

The Examination will consider unresolved representations received during the Proposed Plan consultation. It is the role of the Reporter/s to consider these unresolved issues and make recommendations as to whether the Proposed Plan should be changed before it is adopted.

Once all unresolved objections have been considered the Examination Report will be published. The Report contains the Reporter’s reasoning and consideration of the issues, including any recommended modifications. Any recommended modifications are largely binding on the Council.

For further details regarding the Examination process and updates from the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA), please visit the DPEA website. Further guidance explaining the development plan examination process is available to view on the Scottish Government website.


The Council formally notified the Scottish Ministers of its intention to adopt the Plan (as modified) on 15th June 2020.  The following documents have been issued to the Scottish Ministers as part of the formal notification to adopt process.

Letter to Scottish Ministers
List of Modifications
Proposed Local Development Plan (as modified) 2020
Examination Report (see May 2020 update below)
Notice of Intention to Adopt Advert


The Examination Report was published on 21 May 2020 and is available to view on the DPEA website.

The Reporter has examined all submitted information and provided recommendations to the Council on the changes that should be made to the plan. The Council must take on board these recommendations before adopting the Moray Local Development Plan 2020.

The Council is currently making modifications to the plan incorporating all the recommended changes and intends to submit the plan to the Scottish Ministers for adoption in June 2020.


Documents submitted to the DPEA for Examination are available to view/download below.


All representations received to the Proposed Plan are listed alphabetically by surname, bookmarked and available to view in the dropdown box here. 


Responses to unresolved objections are set out in the form of a Schedule 4 document. The search facility below enables people who submitted representations to find the relevant Schedule 4 document that responds to their representation.

Search Schedule 4 Documents


List of schedule 4 documents 1 to 14 available in the drop down box here.

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