Education and Social Care - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school term / holiday dates?

Term and holiday dates for the school session are available.

Can you provide me with a list of all the Moray schools?

Lists of Primary Schools  and   Secondary Schools  in Moray are available.

What is the National Curriculum?

Curriculum for Excellence is being introduced across Scotland for all 3-18 year olds – wherever they learn.  It aims to raise standards, prepare our children for a future they do not yet know and equip them for jobs of tomorrow in a fast changing world.  More...

How do I find out about Parent Councils?

From August 2007, all parents / carers with children at a school are automatically members of the 'Parent Forum' for their school.  The Parent Forum can decide to establish a 'Parent Council' to represent them.  A Parent Council is a group os parents / carers selected by the members of the Parent Forum to represent all the parents of children at the school.  The Head Teacher will be able to provide further information about the Parent Council.  More ...

How do I register my child for Primary School education in Moray?

You must register your child with The Moray Council when your child reaches school age, or when your family moves to Moray from another area.  Details of how to register and enrol

How old does my child have to be before he / she starts Primary School?

In January each year, an advert appears in the local paper inviting parents to register their children at their local school for admission to Primary School in August of the same year.  You should register your child if

  •  he / she will be 5 years old on or before the last day of February of the same year and has not already register


  •  he / she will be 5 years old on or before the last day of February of the following year

If your child’s 5th birthday falls between the date that the school session begins in August and the last day of February in the following year, you can choose either to enrol your child for the August before he / she reaches the age of 5 or to delay his  / her enrolment in school until the following August,  Taking the choice to delay enrolment for a year is known as “deferring entry”.

Details of how to register and enrol
Details on deferred entry to Primary school

What are the admissions and transfer arrangements?

Details of how to register and enrol.   If you wish to enrol your child in a school which is not in your local catchment area (delineated zone), you must submit a Placing Request form.  Details of how to make a placing request

Have you got any information for early learning and childcare provisions, playgroups, playschemes, after school clubs and childminders?

Details of child-care provision in your area can be viewed on the Moray Family Information Service website.

Can I get financial assistance for early learning and childcare, and how do I apply for nursery vouchers?

A list of Council pre-school classes and current Partner Providers that offer funded places is available.  For more details of eligibility and how to apply for a funded place more ...

How do I find out how well a school is doing, and can I view performance tables?

Performance tables, or 'league tables' are not produced in Scotland.  Details of individual school information can be viewed on the “Parentzone” website.  Information is also published by Education and Social Care on the "Strategy, Performance and Statistics" page.

Where can I find more information about early learning and childcare inspection reports?

More information  on early learning and childcare inspection reports is available from The Care Inspectorate.

How do I find out about School Inspection Reports?

All school inspection reports can be viewed on the Education Scotland website.

How do I make a complaint about a specific school?

If your complaint relates to a specific school, you must contact the Head Teacher of that school in the first instance. Contact details of Head Teachers can be viewed in the list of Primary Schools  and  Secondary Schools.

How do I know if I qualify for help with free school meals?

For more details of eligibility and how to apply for free school meals

Can I get help with providing a school uniform for my child?

For more details of eligibility and how to apply for a clothing grant

Is my child entitled to free transport to school?

More details of eligibility and pupil transport

Would my child qualify for an Education Maintenance Allowance?

Details of eligibility and how to apply for an EMA

What facilities are there for musically gifted children?

For more information about the Instrumental Instruction Service provided by Moray Council, and The Moray Music Centre.  More ...

Does the Council offer any free education for adults?

The adult learning programme promotes a range of learning opportunities that relate to the expressed needs and interests of individuals and groups in the community. 

Community Learning & Development offers a wide range of courses at Community Centres in Moray - from Art to Yoga and Crook Making to Greek.

Information on Adult Learning is available.

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