July FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-07-2022 IT Project Plans and Audit Reports HR, ICT and OD
  Planning Acts Economic Growth and Development
  Business Rates Finance
  Use of Pesticides by Council Multiple
  CCTV Cameras Economic Growth and Development
04-07-2022 Co-ordinated Support Plans Children, families and Criminal Justice
  Child's Plans Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Social Housing and Waiting Times Housing and Property
  Looked After Children - Ethnicity Risk on Going Missing Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Policy Document and Template Contract Finance
05-07-2022 Funding Shortfall for Financial Year 2023-24 Finance
  Social Care Case Management Solution Multiple
  Hikvision Cameras Multiple
06-07-2022 DRS Engagement Economic Growth and Development
  Hosting Multiple
07-07-2022 Dog Breeding Licences Strategy, Governance and Performance
08-07-2022 Children in Social Care Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Prompt Payment Data Finance
  Planning and Building Standards Economic Growth and Development
  Homes for Ukraine Education
11-07-2022 Council Expenditure or Payment to Suppliers - Health and Social Care Multiple
  DPS Data Finance
12-07-2022 Agency Staff For Social Care Adult Social Care
13-07-2022 Domestic Water and Waste Water Charges Finance
14-07-2022 Permission for Driveway - South Covesea Terrace, Lossiemouth Multiple
  Bullying in Council Children's Homes Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Private Water Supplies (PWSs) Economic, Growth and Development
  Senior Positions Social Care Finance and Commissioning Services Multiple
15-07-2022 Installation of Height Barrier at Burghead Economic Growth and Development
  Fires Reported Economic Growth and Development
  Mobile Phone Contract HR and ICT
  Number of Teachers Who Left During Pandemic Education
  Sunbed Salons Economic Growth and Development
  Income from Motoring Expenses Environmental and Commercial
  Review of Planning Approval Economic Growth and Development
18-07-2022 Agency Staff  Agreement HR and ICT
  Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 Economic Growth and Development
  Section 24 of Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 1984 Economic Growth and Development
  Section 1 of Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure)(Scotland) Act 1947 Economic Growth and Development
  Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act 1997 Economic Growth and Development
  Immigration and Asylum Legal Advice Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Public On Street Parking Spaces Environmental and Commercial
  Home/Domicillary Care Health and Social Care Moray
  Children Registered for Home Schooling Education
  Council Tax Rebate Finance
  Return Home Interviews and Child Exploitation Children, Families and Criminal Justice
19-07-2022 Subsidised Bus Services Environmental and Commercial
  Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Data Housing and Property
  Funding for School Ventilation Education
20-07-2022 External Hires/Recruitment HR and ICT
  Enterprise Application HR and ICT
  Trauma Training Multiple
  Pension Fund HR and ICT
  Free Laptops or Tablets Issued in Schools Education
  Wall At Back Of Cooper Park Environmental and Commercial
  Review of CPR Training for Children Education
22-07-2022 Adult Day Services Health and Social Care Moray
  Level of Developer Contribution Economic Growth and Development
  Interlinked Smoke Alarms Housing and Property Services
25-07-2022 Elgin's City Status Bid Economic Growth and Development
  Learning Disabilities July 2022 Adult Social Care
  Contact Details Transportation Department Environmental and Commercial
26-07-2022 Planning Permission on Land Classified as Ancient Woodland Economic Growth and Development
  Highway/Roads Maintenance Contractor/s Environmental and Commercial
  Children's Playgrounds Environmental and Commercial
27-07-2022 School Covid Ventilation Education
  ICT Documents HR and ICT
  Scottish Welfare Fund & Household Support Fund Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Counselling and ASN Spending Education
  Confucius Institute Multiple
28-07-2022 Council Housing Waiting Lists Housing and Property
  Dog Fouling Environmental and Commercial
  Education Committee Religious Representatives Governance, Strategy and Performance
29-07-2022 Adult Social Care and Social Work Contacts Multiple
  Responsible Person Contact Details for ECO4 Flex Housing and Property
  Home Schooling Education
  Former Lossiemouth Library Housing and Property

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