April FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-04-2022 Social Housing Per Year Housing and Property
  Planning Appeals Environmental and Commercial
  Planning Permission Application Status Economic Growth and Development
04-04-2022 Family Group Conferences Children Families and Criminal Justice
  Parent Advocacy Children Families and Criminal Justice
  Parent and Carer/Stakeholder Advisory Committees Children Families and Criminal Justice
  Looked After Children and Care Leavers and the EUSS Children Families and Criminal Justice
05-04-22 Cost of Living Award Finance
  Council Tax Payments Finance
  Planning Notices Environmental and Commercial
  Frontline Child Protection Social Workers Children Families and Criminal Justice
  Right to Buy Valuations Housing and Property
  Neighbour Complaints Economic Growth and Development
  Moray Locality Area Extents Economic Growth and Development
  School Meal Debt Environmental and Commercial
  Council Tax Finance
06-04-22 Funding for Tackling Obesity, Diabetes and Mental Health Education, Resources and Communities
  Drones Near Schools Multiple
  Taxi Licensing Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Surface Water Flooding Near Johnstons Environmental and Commercial
  Thank You Payment Multiple
07-04-22 Planning Applications on Archeological Sites Economic Growth and Development
  Bus Routes Environmental and Commercial
08-04-22 Road Improvements Environmental and Commercial
  Planning Decisions for Kinloss Golf Course Economic Growth and Development
  Healthcare Options Health and Social Care Moray
  Parking Penalty Charge Notices Environmental and Commercial
  Digital Social Prescribing Platform HR and ICT
  School Attendance Education, Resources and Communities
  Business Council Tax Finance
  Swimming Pools Education, Resources and Communities
  Housing Allocations Policy Housing and Property
  Councillors Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Spend on Refreshments Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Tree Planting and Felling Environmental and Commercial
  Neighbour Disputes Economic Growth and Development
11-04-2022 Public Health Funerals Economic Growth and Development
  Planning Permission Rejections due to Protected Species Economic Growth and Development
  Social Care Performance Management and IT Staff Multiple
  Housing Adaptations Housing and Property
  Community Alarms Health and Social Care Moray
12-04-2022 Cycle Lanes Environmental and Commercial
  Procurement Operating Model Multiple
  Public Transport Links Environmental and Commercial
  Socially Rented Traveller Sites Economic Growth and Development
14-04-2022 Drainage Outflow at Lossiemouth West Beach Economic Growth and Development
  Road Annual Inspection Report Environmental and Commercial
18-04-2022 Traffic Lights Query Relating to Visually Impaired Environmental and Commercial
  Learning Estate CO2 Monitoring Multiple
  Craigellachie Bridge Refurbishment Environmental and Commercial
  Council Expenditure and Total Land Area Multiple
19-04-2022 Statutory Advocacy Services Health and Social Care Moray
  Number of Libraries Education, Resources and Communtiies
  Shared Prosperity Fund Finance
  Landlord Registration/Deregistration Housing and Property
20-04-2022 Common Good Funds Finance
  Council Tax Information Finance
  Finance for Community Councils Finance
  Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office Inspection Reports Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Child Protection Investigations Children Families and Criminal Justice
21-04-2022 Youth Marriage Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Foster Care Children Families and Criminal Justice
  Self Directed Support Health and Social Care Moray
22-04-2022 Applications/Software Multiple
  Social Enterprises Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Council Tax Arrears Finance
25-04-2022 Vehicular Transport and Electric Charging Points Environmental and Commercial
  Billing Authority Area - Credit Held Finance
  Sex Education in Primary Schools Education
  Software Suppliers HR and ICT
  Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome Multiple
26-04-2022 Home Care Staff Numbers HR and ICT
  Parks and Ground Staff Numbers HR and ICT
  School Incidents Relating to Final Day Pranks Education
27-04-2022 Temporary Traffic Lights Environmental and Commercial
  Number of Refuse Workers HR and ICT
  Planning Officials and Decisions Multiple
  Glyphosate based Herbicides Economic Growth and Development
  Councillors Standing Down Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Cost of Children's Residential Placements Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  External Comms Spending HR and ICT
28-04-2022 Environmental Health Officers HR and ICT
  Use of Restraint in Special Schools Education
  National Assistance Act or "Paupers" Funerals since 1.2.22 Economic Growth and Development
  Staffing Numbers in Libraries and Leisure Centres HR and ICT
  Health and Social Care Partnership Reserves Health and Social Care Moray
  Cullen Old Nursery Building Strategy, Governance and Performance
29-04-2022 Cost of Planning and Building Standards per Application Economic Growth and Development
  Time Taken for Commercial Planning Application Decisions Economic Growth and Development
  Expenditure on Mental and Physical Health Services Health and Social Care Moray
  Council Place Narrative and Branding HR and ICT
  Number of Hospital Social Work Staff HR and ICT
  Food and Drink Products used in Schools Environmental and Commercial
  Lawyers Fees and Expenses Strategy, Governance and Performance

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