March FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-03-2022 Dog Noise Nuisances Economic Growth & Development
  Electric Vehicle Charging Transition Strategy Multiple
  Local Authority Officers HR, ICT & Organizational Development
  Approval of Non-Promoted Teachers in Catholic Primary Schools Multiple
  Approval of Promoted Teachers in Catholic Primary Schools Multiple
  Approval of Non-Promoted Teachers in Catholic Secondary Schools Multiple
  Approval of Promoted Teachers in Catholic Secondary Schools Multiple
  Rewilding Environmental & Commercial Services
03-03-2022 Social Work Workforce Multiple
  CEO Working Hours Record Chief Executive
04-03-2022 Dangerous Wild Animals Economic Growth & Development
  Council Assets Multiple
  Building Safety Incidents in Schools Education
  Staff Home Working HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Local Access Issues Economic Growth & Development
06-03-2022 Service Level Agreements Multiple
07-03-2022 Empty Commercial Buildings Financial Services
  Employees Suspended Over Fraud Allegations HR, ICT & Organisational Development
08-03-2022 Equal Protection From Assault Correspondence Social Work
  Moray Car Parks Environmental & Commercial Services
  Equal Protection From Assault Correspondence Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Waiting Period For Adopters Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Residential Tower Blocks/ Tenement Buildings Housing & Property Services
  Local Planning Authority Decisions Economic Growth & Development
  Care Leavers Data (16-25) Multiple
  Potholes Compensation Environmental & Commercial Services
  Zoos Governance Strategy & Performance
  Flood Management Environmental & Commercial Services
  Bus Routes Environmental & Commercial Services
  Public Toilets Environmental & Commercial Services
09-03-2022 Cloddach Bridge Environmental & Commercial Services
10-03-2022 Kinship Care Weekly Payments Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  National Assistance/ Public Health Funerals Adult Social Care
  Fly Tipping Offences Environmental & Commercial Services
  Fly Tipping Environmental & Commercial Services
  Full Fibre Broadband In Schools Multiple
11-03-2022 Post Adoption Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Bus Lane/Busgate/Parking Enforcement Fine Use Environmental & Commercial Services
  COVID Self Isolation Grants Governance Strategy & Performance
14-03-2022 Moray Resource Centre Maisondieu Road Multiple
  Private Residential Rehab Paid By NHS Adult Social Care
  Potholes Environmental & Commercial Services
  Potholes 2017-2022 Environmental & Commercial Services
  Kinship Care Payments Since 1999 Children & Families & Criminal Justice
16-03-2022 Care Home Financial Contributions Adult Social Care
  Trading Standards Economic Growth & Development
  Primary Teacher Vacancies Education, Communities & Organisational Development
17-03-2022 Newly Qualified Primary Teachers Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  School Registration/ Deregistration Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  School Registration/ Deregistration 2020-2021 Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  Campus Police Officer Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  Parking Fines/ Issues Environmental & Commercial Services
  COVID Recovery Funding Multiple
  Cloddach Bridge Review Multiple
18-03-2022 Debt Recovery And Collection Multiple
  Children's Health And Wellbeing Census 2021/2022 Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  Library System Education, Communities & Organisational Development
20-03-2022 Council Owned/Leased Property Safety Housing & Property Services
21-03-2022 Nuisance Smoke/ Fire Reports Multiple
  MIPIM Exhibition 2022 Multiple
  Textile Recycling Policy Environmental & Commercial Services
22-03-2022 Short Term Let Bans Multiple
  Caravan/ Mobile Home Licences Multiple
  Pothole Repairs 04/05/2017-22/03/2022 Environmental & Commercial Services
  Afghan Refugees in Moray Housing & Property Services
23-03-2022 Complaints Regarding Private Landlords Economic Growth & Development
  Dog Fouling Environmental & Commercial Services
  Smoke Alarm Regulations Multiple
  Review of Dyslexia and Additional Support Needs Multiple
24-03-2022 Bake Sales in Schools Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  Public Health Funerals Economic Growth & Development
25-03-2022 Cognitive and Learning Difficulties Within Education Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  Mileage Costs Multiple
26-03-2022 Library Assaults Education, Communities & Organisational Development
  Repairs of Potholes Environmental & Commercial Services
  Moray Council Telephone Call Recordings Multiple
28-03-2022 Street Light Technology Environmental & Commercial Services
29-03-2022 Libraries and Leisure Centres Education, Communities & Organisational Development
30-03-2022 EV Chargers Environmental & Commercial Services
  Pre-Paid Debit Cards Financial Services
  Road Maintenance and Bin Collection Environmental & Commercial Services
  Outside 78 Springfield Road, Elgin, IV30 6YU Environmental & Commercial Services
  Business Property Rates Data Economic Growth & Development
  MIPIM Conference Chief Executive
  Ukrainian Refugees Multiple

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