May FOI Requests

Date Request Department
01-05-2023 Tree Chopping Environmental and Commercial
  School Absences Education
  Children's Learning Disability Placements Education


Asylum Seekers Information - Eight AcresPothole Compensation Claims Environmental and Commercial


Asylum Seekers Information - Eight Acres Health and Social Care Moray


Pothole Compensation Claims Environmental and Commercial
  Household Recycling Environmental and Commercial
  Housing Stock Repainting Housing and Property Services
  Street Closure Requests Multiple
  FCC Environment Contract HR and ICT
  Facilities Management FCC Environment Cleaning Environmental and Commercial
03-05-2023 School Heating Education
  Vacant Council and Private Properties Multiple
  Private Sector Housing Standards Case Management Software HR and ICT
  Household Recycling Environmental and Commercial
  Housing Stock Repainting Housing and Property Services
  Supply Teachers Multiple
  Information regarding Moray Multiple
  Looked After Children Social Work
04-05-2023 Road and Street Signs Environmental and Commercial
  Vapes Economic Growth and Development
  Food Waste Information Environmental and Commercial
  Parking Tickets Environmental and Commercial
  Looked after Children Placement Costs and Data Information Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  License and Permit by Type Governance Strategy and Performance
05-05-2023 Sewage in Schools Education
  Parking Apps and Paper Tickets Environmental and Commercial
08-05-2023 NA Funerals March Economic Growth and Development
  Blackstob to B9039 Junction Environmental and Commercial
  Facial Recognition in Schools Education
  Houses Built by Makar Ltd Economic Growth and Development
09-05-2023 Asylum Seekers In Eight Acres Hotel Adult Social Care/Refugee Settlement Team
  Holiday Childcare Survey 2023 Education
  Council Tax Liabilities Financial Services
  Incidents at Council-Run Gyms Education
  United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Education
  Breakfast Clubs Education
10-05-2023 Land Reform Act (Scotland) 2003 Economic Growth and Development
  Damp Housing Housing and Property Services
  Funding for Breakfast Clubs Education
11-05-2023 Percentage of Pupils Missing School Day Education
  EV Charging Points Environmental and Commercial
  IT Information ICT
  Prices Paid for Homecare Services Health and Social Care Moray
  Odour Complaints History Economic Growth and Development
  Payment of Local Authority Invoices Finance
12-05-2023 Universal Home Insulation Scheme Housing and Property Services
  Asylum Seekers Questions Asylum Team
15-05-2023 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Housing and Property Services
  Bulk Uplift Environmental and Commercial
  Illegal Vapes Economic Growth and Development
  Filthy and Verminous Property Complaints Housing and Property Services
16-05-2023 Single-Sex Toilets in Schools Education
  IT Services Information ICT
  Undiscovered Deaths in Council Housing Housing and Property Services
  Cultural Venues Education
  School Clothing Grants Education
17-05-2023 Contact Centre, Telephony and Network Services ICT
  Biltong Producing Food Businesses Economic Growth and Development
  Secondary School Education Information Education
  Enterprise Application CRM Verint Mulitple
  Flood Risk Sub-district Advisory Group Environmental and Commercial
  Fingerprint Technology in Schools Education
18-05-2023 Bus Lane Fines Environmental and Commercial
  School Foodbanks Education
  Money Recovered Using Baliffs Finance
  Church Representatives Voting on Education Matters Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Homes for Ukraine Health and Social Care Moray
  Freedom of Information Requests FOI Team
  Information on Additional Support for Learning Education
19-05-2023 Part-time School Timetables Education
  School Exclusions Education
  Eco Flex Scheme Multiple
21-05-2023 Short Term Let Licensing Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Flood Data/Maps Environmental and Commercial
22-05-2023 Teacher Strikes Multiple
  School Children Information Education
  Debt Collection, Recovery and Enforcement Services Finance
  Warrant to Enter Tenant's Homes Housing and Property
23-05-2023 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Environmental and Commercial
  Overview of Organisational Structure and Contacts HR
  School Meal Debt Multiple
  Refurbishment Council Properties Findochty Housing and Property
24-05-2023 Car Park Weight Capacity Environmental and Commercial
  NA Funerals Economic Growth and Development
  Home Planning Permissions Economic Growth and Development
  Funding Shortfall Finance
  Violence at Work Multiple
25-05-2023 Former Lossiemouth Library Education
  Music Teachers Education
  Councillor Complaints Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Buildings Housing and Property
  Consultation Responses 20/00796/APP The curling Pond Elgin Multiple
26-05-2023 Council Housebuilding Housing and Property
  Empty Homes Numbers Housing and Property
  Occupied Homes Housing and Property
  Public Health Funerals Economic Growth & Development
28-05-2023 Employee Numbers and Information HR
29-05-2023 Telford Bridge, Craigellachie Environmental and Commercial
  PSE Curriculum and Suicide Awareness Education
  Troup House Multiple
30-05-2023 Pothole Criteria and Repair Regime Environmental and Commercial
  Waiting Times for Social Housing Housing and Property
  Dog Breeding Licence Protocols Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Number of Pupils Absent Education
  Business Rates from St Giles Centre Multiple
31-05-2023 Age of Social Homes Housing and Property
  Building (Scotland) Act 1959/70 Economic Growth and Development
  Building (Scotland) Act 2003 Economic Growth and Development
  Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 Economic Growth and Development
  Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 Economic Growth and Development
  Libraries with Asbestos Education
  Short Term Let Licences Governance, Strategy and Performance
  Head Teacher Vacancies HR
  Drugs in Schools Education
  Frank's Law Moray Health and Social Care
  Public Space Closure Environmental and Commercial
  Streetlights Environmental and Commercial
  Spending on Arts and Culture Financial Services

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